Screentime Is Making Kids Moody, Crazy and Lazy

It's a struggle on a daily basis in our home. Our kids can't help but enjoy the electronic pleasures all around us. From phones, to tv to ipads and video games. Kids today get so involved in their screen time, that they just "zone out" its like the world around them doesn't matter. It's true, it's been a huge sleep disrupt-er in our home, and I feel like the screen time certainly has contributed in my children's poor sleep habits. Like any mother, sometimes its just "easier" to give in, and let them play with the phone while your trying to get work done. Or watch a few hours of TV just so you can get the house cleaned. Im guilty of this too. Of course it's my concern to make sure my kids mental & physical health is top priority, so I am going to make a positive change with limiting the amount of "Screen" time my kids have. Especially with the weather turning nicer each day, it will be important for them to start enjoying the outdoors more! What changes can you make to help your kids become less interested in "screen time'?

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