Age appropriate chores!

If your struggle is as real as mine, then take action! It's about time I lay down the law, and insist some assistance with household chores! For the longest time, it was just easier to do things myself. It just worked out better. Now the kids are of age, where responsibility is required of them and yet when I ask them to do a "chore" they refuse! My bad! Bad Mom....I realize chores are part of every day regular activities, and the kids should have been partaking in helping since very little. Well, now that they are almost 7 and 3 they feel like victims! Let me tell you, it is like pulling tooth and nail to get them to do something around the house. Which in the end, I would just rather it not be a reluctantly I end up doing all the cleaning. Just like before. So im on my way to the dollar store today, to pick up some stickers, and some chart paper. I will be making a chore chat! This mamma will get her kids to do chores! Best of luck to me & you as well!

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